Eat Cares February Recap

Eat Cares February Recap

 Welcome Eat family to our first ever blog post. We do so much with our non profit Eat Cares that we never highlight on our website but will start this month, after all it is important you see where your money goes to. Eat Cares is our non profit organization which right now is solely funded from our online sales. We are working on the website where you will be able to donate but until then we would like to introduce you through our blog post. 

 Starting off the month of February also Black History month, our CEO Malik wanted to focus on the Black Future by introducing elementary school students to design and entrepreneurship through the "How I see Eat" art contest.

We had over 200 students participate throughout 4 schools. We decided to have 3 winners per school with first place being a $100 and the option to get their design produced and for second and third place $70. Last week Malik paid a visit to Kimball Elementary and Boone Elementary to announce the winners and give out the prizes. Here is how it went!



When asked what was the reason for the art competition Malik answered "We have to do the work and show our kids they're important. We have to make things real by being there and talking to them, not just signing checks. I wanted to introduce them to entrepreneurship through design and open their minds up to possibilities they might have imagined before but never could fathom being real. I always think if i met a designer or knew of a competition when I was young how much earlier and further along I would be with my business and I just try to provide all of those privileges to the youth as much as possible."

Here are the winners of the competition and we would like to know which designs you would like to see EAT drop next on some tees or sweaters.

To see the rest of the entries please follow @allhomage and @eatthebrand on instagram.

Thank you for your continued support it is only because of your support we are able to make an impact in the community. Stay tuned for more updates and check out the rest of our blog section. 


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